Libyan Leaders Agree on Forming New Unified Government

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Key Libyan leaders announced on Sunday their consensus on the imperative need to establish a new unified government tasked with overseeing long-awaited elections.

This agreement marks a significant step in the political process aimed at resolving over a decade of conflict in Libya, which has been hindered by prolonged disputes and setbacks.

The trio of leaders includes Mohamed Menfi, the president of the Presidential Council (PC), and Mohamed Takala, the head of the High State Council (HSC), both based in Tripoli, along with Aguila Saleh, the speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) in Benghazi.

In a joint statement, they emphasized the importance of forming a new government and urged the UN Mission in Libya and the international community to endorse their proposals. To address contentious issues hindering progress, the leaders agreed to establish a technical committee tasked with examining disputed points.

Source: Reuters

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