Nigeria, others to Benefit from UK’s £37.3m Mobile for Development program

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The UK government has committed £37.3 million to support the Mobile for Development Program, benefiting Nigeria and other developing countries.

Development Minister Andrew Mitchell announced the funding at the 2024 Mobile World Congress, aiming to expand access to mobile and digital technologies, creating new opportunities and enhancing livelihoods.

In collaboration with the UK-based mobile industry association, GSMA, and the private sector, the program targets key areas including women and girls, climate change mitigation, adaptation, resilience, and scaling up innovative solutions. Over 100 million people have already benefited from the program, which seeks to empower marginalized communities and address pressing global challenges.

As Nigeria and other developing countries embark on the journey towards digital transformation, the UK’s support for the Mobile for Development Program heralds a new era development.

Source: Nairametrics

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