FG Engages US in Investigation of Chopper Crash Involving Nigerian CEO

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The Nigerian government has initiated discussions with the United States regarding the investigation into a tragic chopper crash that claimed the lives of prominent individuals, including Herbert Wigwe, CEO of Access Holdings, and others.

The fatal incident occurred in California, USA, on Friday, resulting in the loss of all six occupants, including crew members. American investigators have announced plans to relocate the wreckage to facilitate thorough examinations starting today.

Herbert Wigwe, along with his wife, son, and a former Group Chairman of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, perished when the Airbus Helicopter EC130B4 they were traveling in crashed near the California-Nevada border.

The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau is collaborating with the National Transportation Safety Board of the United States to provide necessary assistance for the ongoing investigation. However,the absence of a cockpit voice recorder or flight data recorder in the aircraft poses challenges to the investigation. Graham, a spokesperson, encouraged witnesses to provide any relevant details to the NTSB.

Source: PUNCH

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