Runway Incursions as Threat to Nigeria’s Aviation Industry

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The aviation sector in Nigeria faces a significant challenge with the increasing occurrence of runway incursions, raising concerns among stakeholders about safety and regulatory oversight. Experts warn that unless stringent safety measures are implemented, the risk of incursions may escalate as air traffic continues to rise across the country.

A recent incident at the Ibadan Airport highlighted the severity of runway incursions when a private jet, registered as N580KR and operated by Mattini Airline Services Limited, overshot the runway during its flight from Abuja. The aircraft veered off the runway and came to a stop in nearby bushes, prompting immediate response from firefighting and rescue teams dispatched by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

In response to the incident, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) swiftly suspended the operator’s license pending further investigations. The Bureau also urged the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) to adhere strictly to airport operational hours and avoid extensions beyond prescribed limitations, emphasizing the importance of regulatory compliance in ensuring aviation safety.

Source: Punch

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