Jetour Introduces X90 Plus ‘Cruise’ SUV to Nigerian Market

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Jetour Mobility Service has unveiled the X90 Plus, also known as ‘Cruise’, in the Nigerian market, offering enhanced features and comfort. The vehicle boasts 35 smart storage options, 36 decibel noise insulation, and a CN95 air filter, elevating its interior ambience for consumers.

Jetour Automobile, the Nigerian distributor of Chery Holdings, a prominent Chinese automaker, brings the X90 Plus to Nigerian consumers. Chery Holdings has an impressive track record, having sold over 8.5 million cars globally, with exports exceeding 1.6 million cars. Remarkably, the company has held the number one position in China’s passenger vehicle exports for 18 consecutive years.

In a statement, Jetour emphasized the superiority of the X90 Plus among SUVs available in the Nigerian market, highlighting its predecessors, including the X70-Liberty and X70 Plus-Elegance. The X90 Plus aims to lead the pack with its advanced features and performance, catering to the evolving needs of Nigerian consumers seeking quality and innovation in their vehicles.

Source: Punch

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