Analysts Advices Investors on Rising Inflation

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As inflation continues its upward trajectory, analysts are advising equity market investors to remain resilient by focusing on stocks with robust fundamentals.

The recent release of the Consumer Price Index by the National Bureau of Statistics revealed an inflation figure of 28.92% for December, reflecting a 0.72 percentage point increase from November 2023.

Key contributors to this inflation surge were food and non-alcoholic beverages (14.98%), housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuel (4.84%), clothing and footwear (2.21%), transport (1.88%), furnishings and household equipment, and maintenance (1.45%), and education (1.14%).

In response to this, analysts at Arthur Stevens Asset Management Limited anticipate a further increase in inflation and advise investors to navigate the market strategically. They suggest that, despite the challenges, the equity market remains a favorable arena for stocks.

Source: PUNCH

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