Naira Hits Low Against Dollar: Implications for the Nigerian Economy

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The Naira reached a historic low of N1,043.09 per dollar on Wednesday due to robust demand for the greenback amidst a shortage at the official foreign exchange market.

This marked a significant depreciation of 19.54 percent compared to the previous day, with the dollar quoted at N1,043.09, up from N872.59.The depreciating Naira carries potential negative consequences for the Nigerian economy. Import costs may surge, leading to increased prices for consumers and businesses.

Additionally, the weakened currency could deter foreign investment and pose challenges for Nigerian businesses competing in the global market.Despite the Nigerian government’s efforts to stabilize the Naira, including policy tightening and FX market interventions, the currency’s depreciation against the dollar has persisted.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) expressed its commitment to boosting liquidity through interventions, with a gradual decrease as market liquidity improves, underscoring ongoing efforts to address the challenges faced by the Naira.

Source: Business Day

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