Demand Amid UK’s Cost of Living

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Dame Clare Moriarty, CEO of Citizens Advice, emphasized the worsening situation in UK as many individuals demand assistance in accessing home services, food banks, and energy bill support this year.

According to the report, Citizens Advice referred over 208,000 people to food banks and charities between January and November 2023, surpassing the entire count for 2022. Also, energy-related concerns remain a significant issue, with almost a quarter of a million people seeking assistance in the first 11 months of 2023, marking another record high.

The organization’s message to policymakers and politicians is a call to utilize all available policy tools to address the challenges faced by people in the current circumstances.

In response, a government spokesperson highlighted their commitment to supporting the most vulnerable for the upcoming year and assistance through the household support fund to alleviate the cost of essentials.

Source: The Guardian

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