Dashed Hopes in Aviation for 2023- Mr Fortune Idu

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The Chief Executive Officer of FCI International, Mr. Fortune Idu, characterizes the year 2023 in aviation as one of dashed hopes, marked by a mix of struggles for industrial stability during an interview with Daily Trust.

He pointed out that the year unfolded as “an election year that preceded the year of great economic recession and a volatile increase in airfare.”Despite expectations of expansion with airport terminal concessions and the promise of a national airline, the aviation industry contracted instead.Idu labels 2023 as a year of dashed hope, highlighting the challenges faced by the sector.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Aviation (NIGAV) Centre emphasized the need for data-driven planning to propel aviation to the next level.Idu acknowledged that as the industry reflects on a challenging year, there is a call for strategic planning to address the sector’s challenges and pave the way for a more promising future.

Source: Daily Trust https://dailytrust.com/how-to-grow-aviation-in-2024-expert/

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