Cement Prices to Drop at N3500 in 2024- BUA Chairman

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BUA Chairman Abdul-Samad Rabiu recently reaffirmed his commitment to selling a bag of cement at N3500 in 2024, as promised earlier.

Following a meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Lagos, Rabiu assured that his company aims to produce approximately 6 million tonnes of cement annually.During the meeting, Rabiu emphasized, “I have given a promise, and we intend to keep that promise.”

He disclosed that President Tinubu is poised to commission BUA’s cement plant in Sokoto soon. Despite the current market price ranging between N5000 and N5200 per bag, Rabiu remained steadfast in his commitment to reducing the price in 2024.Acknowledging existing challenges, Rabiu assured Nigerians, “We’re having some issues here and there, but these are issues that I believe, you know, we can address and we are addressing them.”

The BUA Chairman expressed determination to uphold the promised price of N3500 per bag, which he believes will positively impact the nation’s cement supplies.

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