Unicem Cement’s Eco-label is Introduced by Lafarge Africa.

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Lafarge Africa Plc has launched its Eco Label branding, which supports the company’s commitment to net zero emissions and aims to promote green construction using lower-carbon footprint products. The company’s Lafarge UniCem brand, accounting for 23% of its total volume, has now been certified as eco-friendly. These eco-friendly products have a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to the local industry standard; contributing to sustainable and circular construction practices.

Khaled El Dokani, the CEO of Lafarge Africa Plc, considers this initiative a significant milestone in demonstrating the company’s efforts toward global climate change commitments. The Eco Label rollout is part of Lafarge’s strategy to accelerate the adoption of sustainable building materials for greener construction. The company aims to differentiate itself in the competitive market by providing unique products and holistic customer service, enabling them to offer better value solutions to customers’ building needs.

During the formal unveiling of the product, Lafarge reiterated its commitment to sustainable development and effective environmental management in line with global best practices. The company leverages its sustainability pillars of Climate and Energy, Circular Economy, Environment, and Community to drive innovation, leading to the introduction of this eco-friendly cement brand. Lafarge Africa is the first cement company in Nigeria to achieve this feat, and the launch of the Eco Label is a zero-emission initiative aligned with global standards.

The event also received commendation from the Standards Organisation of Nigeria for Lafarge Africa’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of eco-friendly cement is seen as a positive step towards mitigating global warming, with hopes that other cement factories will follow suit and reduce their carbon emissions. The Eco Label launch demonstrates Lafarge Africa’s commitment to sustainability, providing customers with certified standard products while delivering value to stakeholders.

Marketnews Thought: Lafarge Africa’s introduction of the Eco Label branding and its commitment to eco-friendly cement production is a significant move towards sustainable construction practices in Nigeria. By offering lower-carbon footprint products, Lafarge is empowering customers to make greener choices and contributing to the country’s carbon reduction goals. It’s commendable to see a leading cement manufacturer taking proactive steps to address climate change and support the transition to a greener economy.


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