Nigeria, Morocco, and others Agree on a $30 billion Pipeline.

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Four Memorandums of Understanding for the $30 billion Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline Project were signed on Friday at the ECWAS headquarters in Abuja by Nigeria, Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Benin, and Guinea.

The steering group for the project met at the ECOWAS headquarters as well to go over its status and future course.

After it is finished, the project will improve how the natural gas resources of the impacted African nations are monetized and provide a new alternate export route to Europe.

The estimated cost of the project, which is close to $30 billion, is being awaited from the private sector.

Douka added that the gas pipeline project would boost the area’s capability for producing and generating electricity, encourage industrial and agricultural development, and contribute to energy transition by using a source of energy cleaner than other fossil fuels.


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