Pension funds investments in FGN securities rise – Report.

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At the conclusion of the first quarter of 2023, the portion of the Pension Fund’s assets held in Federal Government Securities increased by 5.73 percent to N10.196 trillion (from N9.644 trillion in December 2022). This information was provided in the National Pension Commission’s most recent portfolio report on the pension funds business, which covered the sector’s actions for the three months that concluded on March 31, 2023.

It was discovered that the 5.73 percent increase amounted to N552.790 billion, making up 65.44 percent of the total assets of the pension fund that are invested in federal government securities.

According to the research, more investments made in this asset class during the quarter were a major factor in the increase in the value of investments in FGN Securities.

A few of the investments made in FGN Securities are FGN Bonds, Treasury Bills, Agency Bonds, Sukuk and Green Bonds all at varying percentages with the former taking the highest percentage. The total value of Pension Fund assets at the end of the first quarter stood at N15.58trillion.

The industry’s net asset value increased by 3.93 per cent (N589.85bn) to N15.58tn compared to a NAV of N14.99tn as of 31 December 2022.The growth in Q1:2023 was fairly stable relative to the growth of N568.33bn (3.94 per cent) recorded in Q4:2022 and driven mainly by contributions received and positive investment performance during the period.


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