NCAA Stakeholders Call for a 50% Energy Transformation.

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Aviation stakeholders have urged the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to start working with other industry participants and governmental organizations to reduce carbon emissions in the sector by 50% by 2060. This was stated in a communiqué that was released during the recent Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria summit in Abuja.

The conference decided to act in a number of ways, principally to advance technological, social, environmental, and economic sustainability. In response to the conference, the NCAA was urged to strengthen its regulatory control in order to support and reposition the industry in favor of sustainability.

NCAA investigates stowaway found in Schiphol on Lagos-Amsterdam flight To this purpose, it was also recommended that Nigerian airlines make investments in satellite-based navigation systems already provided by NAMA, adding that those systems could reduce both flight time and carbon emissions.

Finally, FAAN was called upon to make its airports more tourist-friendly, while the other stakeholders were urged to allocate budgets and personnel for carbon emission reductions.


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