Turkish Airlines Launches an Investigation after a Wheelchair Passenger Reports Harassment

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Ms. Margaret Adeyileka, a middle-aged wheelchair user who has been traveling for decades, claims that the humiliation she just experienced on a Turkish Airlines trip from Istanbul to Lagos as a result of her physical condition has gone down in history as her worst flying experience.

She said that instead of providing assistance when she complained about having trouble getting to her seat using a wheelchair, the flight supervisor ordered that she be ejected from the aircraft. After her engagements, she would be returning to Nigeria, and on April 26 she took Turkish Airlines flight TK 1984 back to Istanbul so she could connect to Lagos.

Ms Okotete even went further; she kindly vacated her seat in the Business Class for me,” she continued. Adeyileka however said she was surprised that the captain remained aloof throughout the drama, as he never showed up, even after the plane had taken off. She later took him to task, “When I confronted the captain after we landed, he claimed it was because the flight was ready for take-off which I felt was an excuse for his neglect and ineptitude.


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