Nigeria’s Gas Demand is Predicted to Increase by 50%.

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The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Limited predicts a 50% rise in gas demand in Nigeria over the next 30 years.

Dr. Phillips Mshelbila, the managing director of NLNG Limited, stated during his speech at the 13th Nigerian Gas Association International Conference in Abuja that the country’s gas consumption was rising along with its population.

He claims that the nation needs both public and private funding to tap into its vast gas reserves. Over 2,500% more LPG will be consumed in Nigeria in 2021 than it did in 2007, when 60,000 metric tons were consumed compared to 1.3 million MT.

Mshelbila further stated that 400,000 women die each year worldwide due to energy poverty, which affects 60% of Nigeria’s approximately 200 million people.


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