SEC Moves to Prioritize the Updated Capital Market Master Plan.

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The First Capital Market Committee meeting in 2023 will be dominated by the implementation of the updated master plan of the roadmap for the capital market, fintech, and commodities trading ecosystems.

The implementation of the Revised Capital Market Master Plan, the Fintech Roadmap, the commodities trading ecosystem plan, as well as other important issues linked to the capital market and economy, would all be considered during the meeting, according to the SEC.

In order to better position the CMMP as the catalyst for economic growth and development, the commission presented the Revised Capital Market Master Plan in November 2022. The plan serves as a guide for using potential.

According to the Commission, some of the CMMP initiatives that had been implemented include; direct cash settlement, regularisation of multiple subscriptions, dematerialisation of share certificates, and the introduction of the e-dividend management system.

The regulator added that the CMMP initiatives had helped in promoting transparency, protecting investors and enhancing market confidence, while also ensuring that only fit and proper persons were allowed to operate in the capital market.

It was also stated that the capital market master plan aligned with the Federal Government’s economic strategy, focused on deepening the capital market and encouraging a private sector-led economy to drive inclusive growth.


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