FirstBank Renamed its Subsidiaries in the UK and Africa.

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The United Kingdom and Sub-Saharan Africa subsidiaries of First Bank of Nigeria Limited have received notice of a phased corporate name change.

In a statement released under the heading “FirstBank announces a name change of its subsidiaries, reiterates its commitment to boosting cross-border business opportunities in Africa and the world,” the bank made this disclosure. Folake Ani-Mumuney is the Group Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at First Bank.

That was said, “The first group of subsidiaries to align their names are FBNBank UK, FBNBank Sierra Leone, FBNBank Gambia, and FBNBank DRC. Next in line for the gradual name change execution will be the subsidiaries in Ghana, Senegal, and Guinea.”

The name change, according to the bank, was made to harmonize the subsidiaries with the main brand and to capitalize on the strong heritage and brand equity built by FirstBank Nigeria in its 129 years of banking leadership.


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