Edo Refinery Receives a Fresh Order for 150,000 Barrels of Oil

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A few weeks after commencing production, the Edo Modular refinery, which is supported by the Edo State government, has ordered the delivery of 150,000 barrels of oil to fulfill the demand of its expanding customer base.

Also, it was stated that the crude will come from the Oza Oil Field, which is run by Millennium Oil and Gas Company Limited and Decklar Resources Ltd. The 6,000 bpd-capacity Edo Refinery is being enlarged to 21,000 bpd.

The plant can manufacture 200,000 liters of low-pour fuel oil, 300,000 liters of naphtha, and 500,000 liters of diesel using its feedstock, according to the announcement. “In January, the modular refinery started operating with an initial delivery of 10,000 barrels of crude feedstock.


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