NEMA Warns Nigerians To Be Prepared For Major Floods

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Mustapha Ahmed, the director general of the National Emergency Management Agency, has issued a warning about impending catastrophic floods this year, which is predicted by pertinent authorities. “The flood calamity in 2022 was eye-opening,” he remarked.

Nonetheless, the organization would provide early warnings to local government units, states, and the Federal Capital Territory.

He also suggested taking safeguards for people who live close to floodplains and water canals. In a similar vein, Clement Nze, Director-General of the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, said that severe flooding was expected to occur in 178 LGAs across 32 states and the FCT in 2023.

This time, we came out with this forecast early, and we anticipate that relevant players, governments, and people will go to work,” he added.


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