According To PenCom, N24bn Was Recouped From Defaulting Employers.

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The Nigerian Pension Commission claims that it has recouped N24.15 billion in employee pension deposits that were not submitted by uncooperative businesses.” After the failure of all administrative attempts to get 34 defaulting employers to comply, it has been suggested that appropriate legal action be taken against them.

18 Pension Fund Administrators enrolled a total of 4,715 micro pension contributors during the period under consideration, bringing the overall number of members to 89,327.

According to PenCom, the second part of its media campaign for its awareness campaign started in October 2022 and mostly used the same media outlets as the campaign’s first phase.
The article stated, “Between 1 October and 31 December 2022, PFAs submitted a total of 26,035 RSA transfer requests on behalf of RSA holders.

The fourth RSA transfer Quarter 2022, will also handle a total of 34,261 RSA transfer requests made by RSA holders. “This includes RSA transfer requests received by PFAs between 1 September 2022 and 30 November 2022 and, are consequently, available for transfer in the fourth quarter of 2022. ” Successfully processed RSAs and the related pension assets will be moved to their new PFAs.


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