In Nigeria, W/Bank Deploys 100 Solar Grids

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According to the World Bank, the National Electrification Project’s market-driven approach to small grid development has sped up the installation of more than 100 new solar-powered mini grids in Nigeria.

The Bank made this announcement in a press release yesterday, stating that it will cost $91 billion to build more than 160,000 small grids in order to power 380 million people in Africa by 2030.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the deployment of solar small grids has increased from 500 installed in 2010 to over 3,000 as of today, with another 9,000 scheduled for deployment over the following several years.

In order to provide electricity to 380 million people in Africa by 2030, more than 160,000 small grids would need to be built.


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