Westasolar Company Encourages The Use Of Solar Energy

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A 148kWp solar installation at Froot Multitrade Nigeria Limited and a 600 kWp solar installation at Sacvin Nigeria Limited have both been commissioned by Westa.solar, a clean energy provider that offers an all-inclusive solar power purchase agreement.

Energy experts have expressed unwavering concern about the fuel shortage in Nigeria and its impact on businesses and industries, according to a statement from the organization. This showed how the rapid growth of the world’s population and current industrial development had created a significant gap between energy demand and supply.

The installation, according to the company, would give potential remedies to these difficulties.
Despite the delayed adoption of dependable renewable energy technology in Nigeria, the country’s country manager for Westa.solar, Ayomide Agbola, said there was cause for optimism regarding the sector’s potential.

For commercial and industrial clients in West Africa, the company’s PPA model provided a reliable power supply solution that encompassed rooftop and ground-mounted solar project design, installation, financing, and maintenance.

The objective is to guarantee cost savings on customers’ energy consumption while boosting energy reliability and minimizing the detrimental effects of the clients’ activities on the environment, he said.

Over the course of the PPA’s 15-year term, it is anticipated that about 10,000 tons of CO2 will be offset.
Also, Sacvin expects to save more than 1.6 billion naira over the course of 25 years, primarily by using less fuel.


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