Meta Provides Consumer Behavior Data on Nigerians To Help Marketers

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The average daily production of reels in Nigeria grew by more than 4% during the week after Eid and the week before Eid, according to the research report. The study also reveals that 77% of Nigerian consumers or onlookers felt more a part of a brand after viewing Ramadan or Eid-related material on Facebook or Instagram.

Research also shows that 77% of buyers or spectators in Nigeria felt more connected to a company after watching Ramadan or Eid material on Facebook or Instagram. Augmented reality (AR) is used and has an impact on purchasing.

The convenience of Ramadan buying is also a priority, with 84% of Nigerian consumers or observers saying that receiving personalized product and gift recommendations makes it simpler for them to finish their Ramadan shopping.

Also, during Ramadan and Eid, 88% of Nigerian consumers or spectators feel better connected to a company through instant messaging. According to the study, 78% of Nigerian consumers or onlookers claim to have spent more time online watching videos during Ramadan and Eid.


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