Awosika Is Appointed Matron By An NGO

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The Chairman of Access Bank and Honourable Consul to Czech Republic, Dr. Mrs Ajoritsedere Awosika, has been appointed matron and adviser to Eko Inspires Me Academy project, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at taking street urchins off the streets of Lagos.

During a courtesy visit to Awosika at her office in Ikoyi, Lagos, the founder of the NGO, drummer and well-known as ARA Aralola Olamuyiwa, cited Awosika’s accomplishments in the corporate boardroom and her love of serving others as justifications for choosing her to be the matron.

The goal of the NGO is to locate, identify, and persuade street boys and girls to leave their presumptive lifestyles in order to settle them and involve them in productive activities that will help them develop into better citizens and give them hope for a better future.

Awosika responded by thanking Olamuyiwa for the honor of naming her as a matron and to the board of advisers. She advises women to report harassment when it occurs. She acknowledged ARA’s success in the cutthroat world of drumming and praised her for standing her ground against the guys. She emphasized her originality in innovation, passion for her work, and determination to achieve her goals.

Awosika complimented ARA on Eko Inspires Me Academy for spending time helping the less fortunate, “The Eko Inspire Me Academy is a program developed to cater to street boys and girls that are perceived as a threat and a menace,” she stated.


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