Nigeria: Power Output Declines by 1,713GWh.

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According to the most recent industry data, power generation on the national grid fell steadily in the first and second quarters of 2022, totaling a 1,713.55 gigawatt-hour decline over the course of the six-month period.

When compared to the previous quarter, the total quarterly generation in Q1 2022 fell by 632.17GWh to 8,848. 04GWh, according to data on the sector’s operational performance in terms of power generation. According to data our correspondent obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power in Abuja, power generation continued to decline in the second quarter of 2022, falling another 1,081.38GWh to 7,766.66GWh.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, a federal agency, lamented the quarterly decline in power generation and placed the blame for it on certain industry concerns. On available generation capacity, it stated that there were 26 grid-connected power stations in 2022/Q1, consisting of 19 gas, four hydro, two steam, and one gas/steam-powered plants.

“The plants’ average available generation capacity during the quarter was 4,712.34MW, representing a 13.78 per cent decrease (-753.38MW) compared to 5,465.72MW recorded in 2021/Q4,” it stated.


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