Nigeria will Gain from Germany’s €2.85 million Agricultural Fund.

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The Standards and Trade Development Facility will receive 2. 85 million euros from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development over the course of four years (2022-2025). In order to assist developing and least-developed nations in meeting global standards for food safety, animal and plant health, the fund will facilitate secure and inclusive agricultural trade in those nations.

When farmers are given the tools they need to meet these requirements, their access to local and international markets improves, opening the door to higher sales and earnings. Enhanced SPS capacity also translates to more resilient, sustainable food systems, which contributes to food security at home and globally.

Speaking, Germany’s Ambassador to the WTO, Dr Bettina Waldmann, said, “More than ever, it is time to show that WTO members help each other to fulfil their obligations, strengthen their know-how and further develop their trade capacities. Germany is pleased to see the STDF working fruitfully in the interest of all, enhancing everybody’s health and promoting sustainable agriculture.”

Waldmann explained that Germany’s contribution to the STDF would improve food safety systems by reducing trade barriers and trade costs in developing countries. She noted that the funding would also strengthen the STDF’s knowledge platform, which connects diverse stakeholders from across agriculture, health, trade, and development to identify and disseminate good practices.

She said, “Developing countries and LDCs are encouraged to apply to the STDF for SPS project and project preparation grants. The next deadline for submission of funding proposals is 24 February 2023.” She stated that Germany contributed €150,000 to the STDF in 2022 through its Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


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