Flight Difficulties are Looming as the Shortage of Aviation Fuel Grows.

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Domestic airlines operating under the auspices of the Airline Operators of Nigeria have alerted Nigerians to anticipate delays in regularly scheduled aircraft operations caused by a JETA1 (aviation fuel) shortage.

The AON said that the shortage would compel airlines to reschedule flights, which could result in certain operations being delayed or cancelled. The statement was signed by the AON’s spokesman, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo. It said that the unanticipated development hurt airline operators and the industry, particularly during this period of high travel volume for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

“While we try our very best to handle the issue and maintain safe flight operations, we ask for the travelling public’s understanding in the case,” the airline operators said. Aviation fuel scarcity had hit the domestic carrier a few months ago after the price of the product rose from about N300 per litre to over N600 per litre.


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