435,000 Tesla Vehicles in China will Receive Software Updates Due to a Marker Light Problem.

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A regulatory body announced that Tesla Inc (TSLA. O) will release software updates for more than 435,000 vehicles in China to address a problem with side marker lights that, in some extreme cases, could result in a collision.

The patch will be distributed via an OTA update. According to a statement from the State Administration for Market Regulation, it applies to 142,277 Model 3 vehicles and 292,855 Model Y vehicles.

The world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles also recalled more than 80,000 Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles in China due to software and seat belt issues.

Separately, brokerage data revealed that after the company reduced prices, Tesla’s retail sales in China increased by almost two times between November 1 and November 27 of 2021.


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