Tanzanian Government Plans to Transform the Namanve Power Plant to A Gas Facility.

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In order to transform the Namanve Thermal Power Plant into a Liquefied Petroleum Gas production unit, the government, according to Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa, has already acquired a MoU with the Tanzanian government.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the recently seized Namanve Thermal Power Plant would be converted into a Liquefied Petroleum Gas producing facility by the Tanzanian government. Although the nation has abundant power, Ms Nankabirwa stated that the Namanve Thermal Plant was still a crucial infrastructure and that the nation would depend on it for a steady supply of electricity in the event of a tragedy like a drought or a moving flood, when electricity output is limited.

The CEO of the Energy Regulatory Authority, expressed his excitement on behalf of the regulators. Since the center will be crucial in defending the rights of electricity users.

As a regulator, Eng Zilia Tibaalwa also mentioned that they now have a fully functional consumer affairs unit to handle any unresolved consumer complaints that have not been effectively handled by licensed businesses.


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