Britain Freezes £18bn Worth of Russian Assets.

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Russia is now Britain’s most-sanctioned nation, surpassing both Iran and Libya, according to the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation. In response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the British government declared that it has frozen assets owned by Russian billionaires, persons, and organizations worth 18 billion pounds ($20.5 billion).

The total disclosed under all other British sanctioned regimes was 6 billion pounds greater than the value of the frozen Russian assets. Andrew Griffith, a junior government minister in charge of the Treasury, declared that “our message is clear: we will not permit Putin to prevail in this horrific war.”

More than 1,200 people and more than 120 entities have received British sanctions thus far.

On February 24, the day that Moscow moved soldiers into Ukraine, the British government started enforcing travel restrictions, asset freezes, and other penalties.


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