Hamas deputy military commander killed in Israeli air strike

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A White House official, Jake Sullivan, confirmed that Hamas leader Marwan Issa was killed in an Israeli air strike, making him Hamas’s most senior leader to die since the conflict began on October 7th.

Mr. Issa, the deputy military commander of Hamas, was reportedly targeted in a strike on a tunnel complex in central Gaza, though Hamas has not officially commented on his death. Israeli media sources have linked Mr. Issa to previous attacks and consider him one of the most-wanted figures in the region.

Marwan Issa’s death follows the killing of several other Hamas leaders by the Israeli military since the conflict began, including Hamas political leader Saleh al-Arouri. The European Union had previously placed Issa on its terrorist blacklist, associating him with attacks that resulted in numerous casualties. The White House’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, stated that the US would support Israel in its continued efforts to target top Hamas leaders believed to be hiding in Gaza’s tunnel network, emphasizing that “justice will come for them, too.

Source: BBC

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