Kenya and South Africa End their Trade Dispute

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President William Ruto and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the two nations would deal with non-tariff obstacles like licensing red tape, regulation restrictions, and sanctions to open up for trade in industries, the export of agricultural products, and logistics.

The agreement to remove commercial obstacles is one of four documents signed by Presidents Ramaphosa and Ruto to promote cooperation.

In accordance with the agreement, South Africa would no longer require visas for Kenyan nationals visiting the country of southern Africa starting in January 2023 for a maximum of 90 days yearly. This change is anticipated to improve commerce, investment, tourism, and cultural connections.

Kenya, which has a trade imbalance of Sh40.1 billion in 2021, stands to gain from the pact, as well as investments made by private companies. The two nations’ agreement to increase commerce may increase Kenya’s exports to that nation, whose primary imports include gold, carbonates, cut flowers, and tea.


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