Climate Change: UK Commits £200million to Nigeria and Others.

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The African Development Bank’s Climate Action Window will get £200 million in support from the UK, according to James Cleverly, the country’s foreign secretary, as the UK ramps up its effort to aid African nations in combating climate change.

Cleverly, who made the announcement while speaking with African leaders at a COP27 event, claimed that climate change was having a devastating effect on sub-Saharan African nations that were experiencing drought and extreme weather patterns and that region had historically received a small portion of climate finance.

Our ability to handle this issue effectively is being aid by the £200 million in UK financing. In the meanwhile, a study issued stated that poor nations would need to acquire $1 trillion annually in outside funding; for climate action by 2030, as well as to equal that amount.

The research, which was by the two COP hosts—Britain and Egypt—and made public; ahead of discussions on climate change financing at the COP27; stated that the money will reduce emissions, increase resilience, deal with climate change damage, and restore wildlife and land.


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