A Camp for Nigerians Evacuated by Floods is Filled with Suffering.

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“The floods in Nigeria have killed more than 600 people, displaced some 1. 4 million people, and damaged or destroyed 440,000 hectares of farmland; according to the government, which blames them on heavy rain and a water release from a dam in the neighbouring Cameroon.

According to experts, climate change is a factor, and the disaster was made worse by inadequate infrastructure and poor planning; including Nigeria’s inability to finish a dam that was supposed to backstop the Cameroonian one.

In the community of Ogbogu, a camp in the school building is presently housing 600 displaced individuals; whose homes are under water. Nnadi claimed that the flood had dispersed his family, with several of his eight children trapped in various regions of the state.

Back at the school camp in Ogbogu, George expressed his gratitude that he and his family were still alive; but he also expressed his despair about the future because the flood had destroyed not only his home but also his farmland; which was the source of his income.


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