International Telecommunications Union Sets Agenda for Rural Connectivity in Nigeria 

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The International Telecoms Union (ITU), the world authority in charge of telecommunications, has stated that it is collaborating with the Nigerian Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy; to make sure that the country’s rural populations have access to the internet.

Only 50% of rural communities in Africa are linked, according to Doreen Bogdan-Martin; the newly elected Secretary-General of the Union, who made this revelation over the weekend. There is a need to collaborate with the governments to close the connection gap.

Speaking at a gathering held by Women in Technology in Nigeria (WITIN) to commemorate International Women’s Day in 2022; Bogdan-Martin noted that rural African women play important roles in food production and that they require internet access to increase their productivity.

Farmers and rural women are to use technology to increase food production. The ITU, which was in 1865 to facilitate global connectivity in communications networks; allots radio spectrum and satellite orbits, creates the technical standards that guarantee networks; and technologies work together without interruption, and works to increase access to ICTs for underserved communities around the world.


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