NATO Worries About Russian Plans to Test Belgorod Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo.

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Initially intended to be a Project 949A Antey submarine, the nuclear submarine BS-329 Belgorod came to live. The longest submarine in use right now is a 184-meter vessel. On July 8, 2022, Belgorod was formally to duty with the Russian Navy.

The Belgorod’s possible capacity to deploy Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, which can travel hundreds of miles beneath the ocean and detonate close to a shore to cause “nuclear tsunamis,” is what sets it distinct from all other nuclear submarines in the world.

To capture the launch of these Russian weapons, the US developed a network of satellites; which is with infrared sensors at the same time. Over the last several days, allegations on the movement of the nuclear submarine Belgorod; which is capable of carrying Poseidon torpedoes, have reached key commanders in NATO member nations.

According to La Repubblica, it is “the essence of a new notion of combat.” The Belgorod is frequently up when discussing the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines; according to the statement, “since this is one of the activities for which it was constructed.”


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