How Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector Is Fueled by Land Banking.

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The real estate industry is just one of the many areas of human endeavor where various forms of banking are currently present.
Investors are starting to wonder whether it makes sense to save money; through the traditional banking system as rising inflation starts to affect people’s budgets. According to EDIDIONG IKPOTO, a new type of banking is gaining more traction as record inflation undermines the rationale of saving money in the conventional manner through commercial banking. Customers have had a platform to save money through the traditional banking system for generations, whether it is for interest or other uses.

Although the idea of landing banking is not particularly novel in Nigeria; few real estate companies had successfully incorporated it into their subscriber and customer services. One of the earliest methods of real estate investing is land banking.

In some countries, land banks are threatened by land grabbers who impersonate the original landowners; and resell the same land to different people. Such pieces of land may be under litigation for many years; and the cost for hiring lawyers over time might exceed the value of the land itself.


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