Lagos Is The Fourth-Richest City In Africa.

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In 2021, Nigeria was regarded as the largest economy in Africa. However, due to the enormous population of over 200 million people, it was ranked 17th in terms of per capita income.

Nigeria, which has the largest economy in Africa, comes in third with $228 billion in total private wealth; and 10,000 millionaires, behind South Africa and Egypt.

Lagos, the main metropolis and commercial center of Nigeria, is ranked fourth among the five richest cities in Africa; by the number of millionaires who call it home. Lagos has a total private worth of $97 billion. This information is found in the Africa Wealth Report2022, which Henley & Partners and New World Wealth jointly published.

With international seaports and airports, Lagos is the most populous metropolis in Africa and a significant economic force in Nigeria.


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