First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine Approved in China.

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CanSino Biologics, a business based in Tianjin, has developed the first inhalable COVID-19 vaccine, which Chinese medicine regulators have approved. This news has increased the stock price of the company by 7%.

As a result of the news, firm shares rose by 14% before finishing 7.1% higher than when they opened.

According to the business, the needle-free vaccine will be administer using a nebulizer and is easier to store and administer than intramuscular injections.

On the effectiveness of the new vaccination, there are no confirmed or peer-reviewed data that are publicly accessible. Researchers are testing inhalable COVID-19 vaccinations in a number of nations; including Canada, Cuba, and the United States. Since 2020, China has already approved eight additional locally produced injectable vaccinations.


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