Confusion as anonymous crypto user sends US-based celebrities ether directly from banned Tornado Cash.

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As the cryptocurrency world continues to debate whether or not the ban of Tornado Cash was good for the ecosystem in the United States; an anonymous crypto user began transferring small amounts of ether from one of the 44 sanctioned Tornado Cash addresses to celebrities and prominent crypto figures in a bid to protest against the sanction.

The actions by this crypto user, which many are calling a troll, ultimately implicate these well-known figures in the society in potential regulatory troubles; as their wallets have now interacted with one of the wallet addresses of Tornado Cash, which the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a watchdog agency tasked with preventing sanctions violations, have blacklisted.

Affected wallets include those controlled by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, TV host Jimmy Fallon; clothing brand Puma and a wallet created for donations to Ukraine, according to Etherscan.

Prominent crypto figures such as artist Beeple and more mainstream celebrities such as comedian, Dave Chappelle received ether (ETH). The crypto user has been sending 0.1ETH to these addresses.


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