Stakefair Launches, Raises $670,000 In Pre-Seed Funding

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Stakefair, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company that is poised to disrupt the Real-Money Gaming industry, has launched.

Stakefair allows users to predict the outcome of sports matches and other real-world events to earn money by staking digital currency. Like traditional gaming companies, the outcome of the wager can either be a win or a loss. However, Stakefair’s game-changer is its ‘no-loss’ sports staking offering; that encourages individuals to see the platform as a yield generator through their crypto stake.

The ‘no-loss’ sports staking model is simple. When a user stakes a unit of a coin on a set of games; Stakefair will invest it in DeFi lending pools so that it can yield interest. If the user’s stake wins, they get their capital and some return on investment (ROI). If not, they get only their original stake amount. There is however a minimum timeframe for which it must lock the stake up to yield a return.


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