Nurse-Assisting Robotics Firm Diligent Raises $30M

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Nursing shortages were a problem well before our hospitals were rocked by a pandemic. Two years in and overloaded systems have further contributed to burnout, stress and other factors plaguing the people we rely on for our own well-being.

We’ve seen robotics applied to just about every other field of late, so why not nursing.

Diligent has been leading that specific charge for some time now.

According to Prof. Andrea Thomaz ( Georgia tech Associate), “A lot of people are just deciding to do something else”. There were already workforce challenges pre-pandemic, and now those are reaching crisis levels.

Diligent’s last funding scored $10 million in March of 2020, right before many U.S. hospitals were inundated. This week the robotics company announced that it’s tripling that amount for a Series B of “over” $30 million.

“This new round of funding will help us scale the company to meet the incredible demand for our healthcare service robot,” Thomaz said in a release tied to today’s news, thanks to the support of our investors and the Diligent team

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