Google To Improve ‘Android To Windows PC’ Integration

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Google has announced it is investing in more helpful ways to make android and windows PC devices work better.

The tech giant during the CES 2022 said it is working with the likes of Intel, Acer and HP.

It aim to improve Android phone to Windows PC connection through fast pair, share files between Android devices and Windows PCs. Made possible with Nearby Share, set up Bluetooth accessories and sync text messages between the two computing ecosystems.

Beyond the already existing Android Fast Pair technology that allows connection with Bluetooth accessories like headphones and speakers, the new functionality; which the tech giant said will be rolled out in a few months, will add a whole collection of new devices.

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The tech giant also said it is adding its automatic unlock features to WearOS to enable users to unlock their Chromebook, Android phone or tablet using paired smartwatch when they are close by, adding that it is also bringing digital car keys to more Android phones and vehicles to allow family and friends share car keys remotely.

The company wrote in a blog post, “We’re continuing our work with partners to further extend Fast Pair’s functionality beyond audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers and cars and extending it to TVs and smart home devices, so you can instantly start using all the devices in your life.”
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