Moderna Says Covid Booster Appears To Protect Against Omicron

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Moderna announced Monday that a third dose of its mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 appears to provide significant protection against the omicron variant, sending shares higher in premarket trading.

Moderna shares were up 6.8% in premarket trading at 7.10 a.m. ET.

The company said that its authorized booster can “boost neutralizing antibody levels 37-fold higher than pre-boost levels,” which it described as reassuring.

However, it also said that a double doze of the booster shot 100 micrograms, rather than the approved 50 micrograms was significantly more effective.
A 100 microgram booster dose increased neutralizing antibody levels “approximately 83-fold,” according to preliminary data, it said in a release.

Without a booster, the company’s vaccine, called mRNA-1273, was been found to be far less effective against the fast-spreading omicron variant, generating low neutralizing antibodies.

Moderna will also continue to develop an Omicron-specific variant vaccine (mRNA-1273.529) expected to advance into clinical trials in early 2022

and will evaluate including Omicron in its multivalent booster program.”


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