Private Sector To Boost Employability Skills Of 1000 Youths

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Metanoia Africa and CAIN Africa are partnering with Jobberman to provide free soft skills training for 1000 young people.

Participation in the training which begins March 15, guarantees enrollees a Jobberman verified certificate, as the goal of the initiative is to give young people the skills to navigate different situations in the workplace.

Asagba Oghenerukeme, founder, CAIN educational and medical foundation says soft skills determine the quality of your social interactions, the success of your work, your ability to resolve conflicts and so much more.

According to Oghenerukeme, “Soft skills are important to both employers and employees. For employers, a workforce of staff with soft skills mastery reduces employer recruitment cost, training time and employee turnover, and improves staff performance on bottom-line business metrics, such as increased sales and improved stakeholder relationship”.

Prince Ihemegbulam, senior youth engagement associate for Jobberman, reiterates that “In today’s workplace and digital economy, soft skills training has increasingly grown in relevance.”

Undoubtedly, hard skills are still in high demand but with the increasing competition in the job market, successful job seekers are those with a great combination of hard and soft skills,” he adds.

– Businessday

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