Fed Government Secures Release Of 36 Nigerians ‘Caught Entering Ghana Illegally’

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The federal government says it secured the release of 36 Nigerians “caught entering Ghana illegally”.

But there are reports suggesting that the Nigerian citizens were arrested illegally by Ghanaian authorities.

“Available information corroborated the fact that about 35 Nigerians are currently detained; some, for more than 45 days in unsanitary conditions in the arrival hall and other locations, which can better be described as concentration camps,” Concerned Citizens Rights, a human rights organisation, had said.

“They sleep on bare concrete floors without food, and with just one toilet for all genders.”

But in a series of tweets on Tuesday, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) said the Nigerian mission in Ghana was able to plead with relevant authorities in the country not to press charges against the Nigerians arrested.

The commission said they will take COVID-19 tests before returning to Nigeria in line with protocol established by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

“About a month ago, the Nigerian mission in Ghana got a call about the arrest of 6 Nigerians who were caught at Aflao border trying to enter Ghana,” NiDCOM tweeted.

“The Nigerian Consular team was dispatched by the High Commission to go and Intervene immediately, and on getting there, they met with about 30 more Nigerians who were arrested for also trying to enter Ghana through illegal routes due to the border closure.

“The consular team appealed to the immigration officials not to charge the apprehended Nigerians to court.

“The officials agreed and allowed the team to get their details to secure approval from the appropriate authorities for them to be evacuated with stranded Nigerians, as the Ghanaian immigration would not permit them to proceed into Ghana because of the border closure.

“There are in total about 50 Nigerians detained by the Ghanaian Immigration authorities because some were moved away from Aflao and kept somewhere else.

“The Consular team from the Nigerian mission have paid the detained Nigerians consular visits twice, and have secured their release. However, as instructed by the NCDC they need to do their COVID 19 tests before returning to Nigeria.

“As soon as this is done they will return with the next set of returnees. However, it should be noted that 11 of the detainees however escaped according to Ghanaian immigration.

“The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission will not relent in demanding fair treatment of Nigerians around the world.”

– The Cable

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