Oil companies in Texas restoring operations following hurricane Beryl

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Oil and gas companies in Texas are restarting operations after Hurricane Beryl hit the state with 80-mph winds, causing property damage and leaving millions without power.

Beryl made landfall near Matagorda on Monday, prompting energy firms to shut down operations and close major ports.

Despite the disruptions, the impact on oil and gas production is expected to be minor, with ports reopening and some facilities ramping up output on Tuesday.

Around 2.8 million customers in Texas were still without power late Monday, with CenterPoint Energy reporting widespread outages.

The power loss was more than double that experienced in May during a strong wind event in Houston. CenterPoint warned that the outages might last for several days due to the hurricane’s severity.

Texas, being the largest oil and gas-producing state, could see impacts on production and shipping due to weather-related interruptions.

Flooding in city regions is expected to ease as water begins to recede following Beryl’s heavy rainfall, which exceeded 11 inches in some areas south of Houston.

While the storm caused significant disruptions, energy companies are gradually resuming operations, and recovery efforts are underway.

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