Samsung Electronics workers strike as union voice grows in South Korea

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Samsung Electronics workers initiated a three-day strike on Monday, demanding better pay, an additional day of annual leave, and changes to the employee bonus system.

The National Samsung Electronics Union, representing about 30,000 workers, warned of further action if their demands are not met.

Despite the strike, analysts believe it will not significantly impact output due to low participation and automated production.

However, the strike highlights declining staff morale amid the tech industry’s pivot towards artificial intelligence.

Union officials claim that 6,540 workers are participating this week, primarily at manufacturing sites and in product development.

Union leaders criticize Samsung’s proposals for flexibility in pay and leave conditions, arguing they fall short of union demands.

They also seek equality in the bonus system, where they claim rank-and-file workers receive less favorable terms compared to executives.

The union’s growing influence comes as Samsung faces increased competition in the AI chip market.

Despite the strike, Samsung’s shares have shown positive movement following strong preliminary quarterly earnings.


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