Nigeria ranks 88th out of 141 countries in Logistics Performance Index

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Nigeria has improved its standing in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI), rising from 91st position in 2022 to 88th in 2023 out of 141 countries. The LPI serves as a benchmarking tool to help countries identify challenges and opportunities in trade logistics, assessing various dimensions such as infrastructure, customs management, shipment arrangements, logistics services quality, consignment tracking, and delivery timeliness. Despite the improvement, Nigeria’s logistics performance remains modest with a score of 1.9 out of 5.

In the 2023 LPI rankings, high-income nations dominate the top positions, with Singapore leading with a score of 4.3. Other top performers include Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, showcasing the efficiency and integration of their global supply chain networks. Conversely, the bottom 10 performers are mostly lower-middle-income countries dealing with economic fragility, conflict, natural disasters, or geographical disadvantages. These nations, despite some improvements, continue to face significant logistics challenges.

Nigeria’s specific scores reflect areas needing improvement: a 2.6 in Customs, 2.4 in both Infrastructure and International Shipping, 2.5 in Logistics Competence, 2.3 in Tracking and Tracing, and 2.7 in Timeliness.

SOURCE: Vanguard

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